Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Start of Another School Year

All three kids started school yesterday.  Backpacks were ready and lunches made the night before (we have turned their lunch making responsibility over to the girls – yahoo!).  Clothes picked out, baths and all were asleep early.  We were ready!  I took the obligatory photos in the morning on our front porch, in front of the bush with yellow flowers, in front of the hydrangeas, and the stairs with the backpacks.  Soccer girl has it down by now, directly the other two where to go next.  Little Man cooperated and I got some fun shots of the three of them.  Such a great day and a bittersweet one too.
Soccer girl started 5th grade… her last year in elementary school.  She seemed very nervous, but excited to start the year.  She has always been my worrier and wears her emotions on her sleeve.  I hope for a challenging year for her that prepares her for middle school… academically, socially and emotionally.  And, I am just saying, but the kids in her class look so big.  I swear there was one boy who was a tall as me.  I am ready for this, but on the other hand, I am so NOT ready for this. 
Lizard started 2nd grade.  She was a trooper and eased into her class.  She was quiet from nerves, but also very confident.  I think Lizard will do well as she leaves the ease of first grade.  She is eager to do big girl things and hopefully this will be the year she comes onto her own and matures.  She is looking forward to getting homework.  Hopefully second grade will meet her expectations.
Little Man started 3’s preschool.   He was so excited, wearing his backpack and carrying his lunch box even when walking the girls to their school.  He did well and other than telling me he did not want me to go, he seemed to be having fun.  I was able to leave and sneak around and watch him.  I am curious to see what this year brings for him.  
Since I am stealing this from a friend’s facebook post I can not claim any brilliance in writing it, but I think it sums up my wish for my kids this year…
May you find a friend that likes you because you are nice, not because you are cool.  May you have a teacher that makes you eager to learn, not just eager to please.  May you treat all your peers equal, not just the one’s that you want to impress.  May your year be blessed and your memories rich.