Monday, April 19, 2010

A Message for the So-Called Artists from a Mom,

I have a message for Lady Gaga and the hundreds of other similar so-called "artists" of our day.  Your 15 minutes are up and it is time for your careers to fade into oblivion.  I will listen to you, and let my children listen to you, when you can actually write a song and perform it without using vulgar words.  And I will actually sing your praises if you could perform a song that does not include overtly sexual or abusive behavior messages.  You do a good job masking these messages with a great dance beat.  It gets past a lot people, but not me.  Until then, go away.  I am tired of looking up lyrics and thinking this one might be okay for my daughter until you, in your "artistic" immaturity, slip "I want your vertical stick" or "I want your disease" in there. 

Being an artist is about more than singing about sex.  And just a tip...if you have to shock people and wear crazy costumes to get noticed - you are not an artist.  And you target the youth of today - MY kids.  That I take great offense to.  Some day I hope you figure things out.  And when you do, let's hope you will have some of your millions left to actually do some good in the world.

This Mom will not let her 10 year old daughter listen to your so called "music."  I may be known as the uncool Mom, but I am not changing my standards.  I think all the other parents out there should change their standards... or more accurately... raise them.

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