Sunday, August 15, 2010

It is Hard to Grow Up

This summer has been a whirlwind... I am actually not looking forward to school starting... just yet.  Usually I am ready for school to be back in session a few weeks after the kids get out, but not this summer.  And, I am not sure exactly why.
Maybe I know I will have to be earnest in my job search (although I am coming around to the idea of working more and have put out a few feelers already).  Maybe I know now that the grind of making lunches gets old by about day three.  Maybe it is because my youngest is starting preschool (how can that be?).  Maybe because we have not had as much arguing this summer as last summer (still lots of bickering, but not as much or is it that I am getting immune to it?).  I think maybe the main reason is that my oldest is starting her last year of elementary school.  
Her little kid days are very numbered and I realize that.  The things she wants to do, the discussions she wants to have, the questions she asks are not little kids things any more for the most part.  Soccer girl has always been mature for her age and very observant of life and things going on around her.  We have even had to have the “birds and the bees talk” with her well over a year ago when she was 9 or so because the subject came up among her friends.  Bless Chief’s “Dad of a Daughter” heart when he initially told her to wait and we would talk about it when they saw the “movie” in school.  Can’t get away with waiting that long in this day and age.  And the wonder of Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are long out of the bag.  Sigh.
The age span between my kids has been very evident this summer.  What entertains a 3 year old does not really entertain a 10.5 year old.  The most recent example was last week when I told the kids we were meeting friends at the park (where she is the oldest kid in the group), “we are going to a park, really do we have to?”  Kids want to play at the park, for pete sakes... right?
It is a struggle to let Soccer Girl do things, while Lizard pouts because she does not get to do all that fun stuff.  It is hard for a seven year old to be the one who is told no all the time.  Soon her circle will expand, but not soon enough for her.   
So I am letting the last few weeks of summer unfold, buying school supplies and a few new clothes.  The last few play dates and sleepovers have been scheduled.  It is hard for kids to grow up these days, but I think it is even harder for this Mom to let them grow up.  

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