Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Post

My oldest child turned 11 last week.  It is hard to believe I have been a Mom for over a decade.  And even harder to believe is that my first born is so old.  How can that be?

Soccer Girl is an amazing kid.  She is wise beyond her years and always has been.  She is my worrier… I have taken to calling her Wart, as in worry wart.  She worries over us getting speeding tickets, over a sound she hears outside…she worries about being late anywhere we go.  She Hates. Being. Late.  While her worrying seems unreasonable at times, it is only because she cares.

She has a huge heart.  Last year on our Christmas cards, I wrote that she has a "quiet heart" for God.  She is my kid who silently prays when we see a homeless person or upon hearing about someone who has been hurt or is sick.  She prays for her friends and family that do not know Jesus and worries (again my wart) that they will not be in heaven with her.  I could certainly take a lesson or two from her.

I am so proud of her.  She is a good student, a good friend and a good sister.  While Lizard and Little Man drive her crazy, especially now that she has hit the "tween" years, she loves them and looks out for them.

I can foresee the upcoming years are going to have some rough patches ahead for the two of us.  But, I will do my best to carve out that special time she craves and let her know through my actions (it is true that they speak louder than words) that she means the world to me and that no matter what, I am proud and love her beyond words.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.  I Love You.  

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