Saturday, July 14, 2012

FinishYear… Again

Here are my revamped FinishYear Goals:

  • Finish losing 50 pounds by December 31, 2012. 
Still a goal of mine.  I hit the big 4-5 next January and I really want to meet this goal.  We are eating cleaner thanks to Wildtree and I am cooking and shopping regularly again. 

  • Finish starting an online eBay store as a fun little side "business."  I have already made my first thrift store purchase with eBaying in mind!  
Revamped!  I am doing some HR Consulting for a small business with about 14 employees.  Luckily this will be an ongoing job for awhile.  It is not super study, but has been profitable so far.  And, I started selling Wildtree natural food products at the end of June.  I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone and telling people what I sell.  I am excited about Wildtree and everyone can benefit from our products.

  • Finish learning to knit and make dish clothes for Christmas presents.  
No progress here, but still potentially a goal…not sure yet.
  • Finish rereading Proverbs over and over and over in 2012. 
Revamped!  Chief and I are going to start doing a devotional/study together.  
  • Finish praying consistently the daily prayers for my kids.  
Doing OK with this one.  These short prayers on on my fridge so I see them every day.  I am not super consistent but this is one I have done with some regularity.
  • Finish writing at least one handwritten note to someone each month.  
No progress here, but still something I want to accomplish.  

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