Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful: Day 26, 27, 28 & 29

Day 26:  YoYo Dinners.  YoYo stands for "You are On Your Own" for dinner.  Everyone knows they can eat what they can find (within reason) and I am off the hook for making dinner.

Day 27:  Lizard started basketball and her practice is inside!  Hallelujah.  I was able to read my book and watch her practice in realtive warmth.  I am also thankful she loves basketball.

Day 28:  Laying by the fireplace in the evenings.

Day 29:  For the multiple kisses and hugs Little Man gives me each morning at school.  Once I say "last one" so he knows it is time for me to go, I get five hugs and five kisses (on the lips!) from him and give him a "fake hug" in the air as I walk out of eye site.  I have to walk him to his classroom door everyday.  It would so much easier to drop him off in the car line (especially on cold, rainy days like today), but I know the time will end very soon that he will not hug and kiss me that way so I am very thankful.

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