Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fresh Starts

The girls started school today - 4th grade and 1st grade!  That just amazes me.  It is so cliche to say "it goes so fast" but man it sure does.  I was thinking last night how so much of this summer was spent breaking up arguments, cleaning, running errands and all the stuff that in the grand scheme of life, does not matter much.  We never did have our Silly String fight in the backyard (I should surprise them this weekend).  Last night I wanted to hug them and never let go.  But, I have to - a little bit at time, one school year at a time. 

I am needing a fresh start too - in parenting, life... oh, in lots of areas.  I am starting a new bible study tomorrow - we are studying the book of Acts...Looking at our talents and using them.  It is funny how God works.  Chief (my hubby) and I have talked about me starting to do some photography on the side and seeing what happens with it.  And, I am actually starting to take some steps to actually get that moving.  It takes a lot for me to step out of my comfort zone and starting a business requires that.  So I think this bible study is very timely for me.  I love taking a photo of my kids that really captures them in that moment ... but am I ready to do that for others? 

After giving a friend some pictures I had taken of our kids together and some of just her kids, she showed her oldest daughter.  After looking through the pictures, her daughter asked her "now, who took these pictures Mom?"  When she told her that I had, her daughter said "these are really good, she should do this as a job."  Perhaps, maybe I should.

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