Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Belated Birthday Post!

My Lizard turned seven on June 9th. I have finally had a chance to sit down and put my thoughts about my seven year old on “paper.”

I can not believe how fast the time has gone and that she will be starting second grade in the fall. I am so proud of my girl. She is growing up way too fast (much faster than her big sister did). So many things are a blur and fuzzy in my memory. But when I think of Lizard I think of…

• Her absolutely contagious belly laugh
• Her freckles and especially the one in the middle of her nose
• Her pistol-like personality; happy one minute; foot-stomping mad the next
• How she has excelled in school in all areas
• How much she loves to read and how well she does (she loves those chapter books)
• How much more social she is then we thought she would be given how quiet and shy she was when she was younger
• How she is still finding her voice with her sister and among the kids in the neighborhood
• How she and Soccer Girl sneak into each other’s beds to sleep with each other
• How she is a card shark – really don’t play card games with her; you will lose most of the time!
• How she loves to play school
• How she can needle her brother and sister into a rage almost on a dime
• How hard she is to wake up in the morning (I dread the teenage years!)
• How she is a home body and likes her alone time
• How she gently rubs Little Man’s face during some quiet time (and he loves it too)

She is such a joy and my little peanut (all 40 pounds of her when she is dripping wet!). She loves to help and help cook.  I have to remember to let her do it more often; it may be faster to do it myself but what really is the rush?  She still loves to play with baby dolls but has outgrown most of her other little toys…sniff. Do seven year-olds these days really not play with many toys any more?

She wants to play basketball. She is fast and can dribble really well considering she has not really played much. Lizard has informed Soccer Girl that not everyone loves soccer and she does not have to play soccer just because her sister does! Go Lizard. It is hard for her to keep up with her sister, but I think she is learning she does not have to and she can make her own choices.

We are so proud of you Lizard.  You will do great things…in your own way and in your own time. Happy birthday!

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