Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

Another year is here… 2011.  It is unbelievable how fast last year went.  I really understand now how people would tell you how fast life will go by as you get older.  They were not kidding.

2010 saw my oldest turn eleven and really hit the swing between being a kid and a young lady; my middle one now really reads and took a stand that she is not going to play soccer. And, my littlest guy started preschool with much more success that we anticipated.  Chief was able to leave a horrible job that he had for 2.5 years and start one that he loves; and one where they appreciate his talents and expertise.  I started another part time job to help ease the household budget.  All in all it was a good year. 

I am here to report I succeed in two of the three goals I set for 2010.  I officially started my photography business.  I had a great time photography families and loved doing five senior picture shoots.  And, I guess I can say it is a full-fledged business since I got paid for all those jobs.  I also accomplished reading the bible in a year, finishing at 8 p.m. on New Year’s Eve – nothing like a deadline to motivate me.  I, however, failed miserably at losing 35 pounds.  I guess two out of three is not bad.

My goals for 2011 are:

1.     Get healthy.  That involves losing weight for sure, but more important than that, is reclaiming some energy.  Trying to be less crabby and more engaged in whatever I am doing.  To me, that is healthy.  I want to be a woman who glows from the inside; the one who is engage, active and healthy. 
2.     Learn to knit.  My grandmother knit… a lot.  She would make complicated fisherman knit sweaters and also knit little stocking caps to give to the nursery at her local community hospital.  She always made red and green ones at Christmas time.  That just makes me smile.  I do not want to set the knitting world on fire, just learn a basic stitch or two. 
3.     Read more.  My brain needs activity and I love to read.  I just do not make time for it and it is kind of hard to get lost in a book when you hear “Mom” literally every 4.3 minutes.  But I will try.

My oldest daughter discovered my first gray hair on December 31st and I discovered another one just this morning.  What a way to ring in the new year, but at almost 43 (on Saturday!) I can not complain.  I am definitely feeling older and more sentimental as time passes.  I am just breathing in Little Man’s smell because his “being little” years are flying by.  I can see our lives with teenagers, something I could not imagine a year or two ago.  It is all good, but it is becoming crystal clear how important being engaged is to me and how important to be present in every moment. 

So bring it on 2011 and may I remember these words every day and put them to practice.   

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  1. Let's tackle knitting on our girl's weekend!