Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Need to Meet

Yesterday Little Man's preschool teacher asked to meet with me.  While Little Man is doing okay, she said he "needs more."  The incentives they use in the room are not enough for him.  She would like to devise a plan to work with him.

She told me he is very smart but very energetic.  I have learned over the years that those are codes for he doesn't keep his hands to himself… he interferes in the class… he is not able to socialize with the other kids… label it however you want.  It means he is still struggling.  While he has improved, I know he will continue to struggle well into his formal school years.

So we will meet next week to talk about the issues and come up with a plan.  But, right now, I feel like we have not done enough for him and that I have failed him.  I feel just plain defeated and sad.

I know that I need to embrace all of him.  I know that he is wonderfully made.  I know that all of the things that may be viewed as "challenges" now will fade and serve him well… some day.  It is just hard to accept that when it is your kid not invited to a class birthday party and most days the teacher has to talk to you about what happened that day.

I will feel sad for a little bit longer.  Then I will look into his beautiful face and plow forward with a plan.

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