Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting My Moxie Back

I am feeling very optimistic about 2010 - we watched the "Night at the Museum Two - Battle at the Smithsonian" with the kids on New Year's Eve.  In there, Amelia Earhart talked about "moxie". 

Moxie according to the definition here is the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; gumption, guts, nerve.  That's how I feel we are facing the new year - with gumption, courage and spirit on many levels.

I am signed up to run the Hippie Chick half-marathon again in May and will start training again this week to build up my base mileage.  Running for me takes moxie because I am not a natural runner; absolutely hated it as kid.  And, I am slow.  But it makes me feel strong and that I can do anything.  So I am starting off this New Year gathering up my moxie and it feels good.

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